Affordable autumn fashion from Femme Luxe

Affordable Autumn Fashion from Femme Luxe


Femme Luxe have nailed it again for another season of affordable autumn fashion. The autumn/winter range is fully stocked up and looking gorgeous – but that’s what we all expected, right? They seem to get it right every time with their range.

With Autumn in full swing, I’m more than happy to chat about fashion and style for the cooler weather. After all, this is the season I look forward to the most.

The temperature it just right, drinking hot drinks indoors is extra cosy, the world changes colour and becomes ultra beautiful, and the fashion is comfy, cute and all round gorgeous. What’s not to love?

Affordable Autumn Fashion Lust List

My favourite thing ever is writing lust lists, because it’s like having a fantasy shopping basket and I get to pretend I can buy anything at all.

Below is my favourite affordable autumn fashion inspiration from Femme Luxe.


Femme Luxe Shacket affordable autumn fashion

Love shirts? Love jackets? Then you’ll love a shacket! A shirt and jacket hybrid that looks great, keeps you warm and adds style to any outfit. A shacket can be worn with flared jeans for that modern style 70’s aesthetic. They can transform any outfit from a summer look to something autumn appropriate.

Pair the pink shacket with white dresses to turn them into an autumnal mood. A white dress is often thought to be a summer item, but by throwing on a shacket, you can shake up the rules of fashion.

gr4ey shacket autumnal fashion

A dark coloured shacket can be paired perfectly with denim shorts, tights and boots too. Taking another summer staple and making totally wearable for the autumn/winter season. What’s even better is, if you’re repurposing your summer wardrobe, then you’re saving money by not buying more!


Goodbye skinnies, welcome back flares – we’ve missed you! Flares are back and they’re even more stylish than ever. Flared legging, flares jeans, and their cousin – wide leg trousers are all making an appearance for cosy season, and they’re never looked better.

For a classic look choose flared black trousers, or flared jeans. If you’re feeling more adventurous and love that 70s vibe, choose some loud patterned flares to really complete your look!



Okay, it’s true –  joggers will never not be in style – but I love a reason to wear them. They can be a bit to hot to put on in the summer, but make cosy autumn/winter bottoms for the colder months. The material was created solely for comfort and you feel like you’ve been swallowed by a comfy bed when you wear the,

Joggers (and their top half counterparts – hoodies) feel like PJs but are entirely acceptable to wear outside. And who doesn’t dream of owning outdoor PJs? It’s honestly all I want from life!

Black Dresses

black dress femme luxe

Going out out but don’t know what to wear? Black dresses have you covered. Honestly, trust me, any black dress. In autumn/winter, there is nothing more stylish than the classic little black dress. Any cut, any fit, any size. You’ll look amazing. Accessorise with sparkly jewellery and some killer heels to really dazzle. If you’re not sure how dressed up you need to be, black dresses are the best way to style smart/casual and everything in between.


co ords

Co-ords have a special place in my heart all year round. They’re so versatile that they’re good for any season. Even if you go for a short sleeved top matching full length trousers, you can wear it in every season. Just wear it as is in the summer months, and layer up when the weather turns. Pop on a shacket, wear boots instead of trainers and even team with a scarf for extra cosiness.

Another co-ord option is to go for matching joggers and hoodies. I’ve already professed my love for joggers, so it makes sense that I would recommend a matching joggers co-ord set. They look great, are comfy to wear and you can throw them on without thinking about matching up your outfit. They’re the cosy no-brainer you need in your wardrobe for those cold days where you want to look great buy can’t be bothered with any effort. In other words, the ideal outfit option for everyone!


So these are my affordable autumn fashion lust list options, what are yours? Do you prefer to be cosy, or get dressed up for a night out? Are you more about the outfit or the accessories? I’d love to know!