About Me

I’m a stay-at-home mum who is dedicated to not actually having to leave my house in order to make money. A key part of that quest involves searching for the best deals on saving money, as well as the best opportunities for making it.

I honestly believe working from home is the way forward for mums. I’m not talking about MLM or any pre-existing businesses, I’m talking about playing to your strengths and doing something that interests you. I run another blog alongside this one which I earn money from and I make a (very) casual income from crochet items.

This blog isn’t about being thrifty or frugal, it’s about having a bit more money to play with and achieving the lifestyle you want. I always look for deals because I won’t pay more than I absolutely have to, but I still like nice things so I’m happy to buy the odd luxury item. I’m always hunting for a deal though!

Follow me on my earning adventure and pick up the tips I share about running your own business from home. If you’re a blogger, I’ve created a special blogging tips section for you, sharing all my wisdom.



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