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12 Easy Ways to Earn Money From Home (UK)

Earning money from home can be a massive bonus whether you’re working or otherwise. Side hustles can give you an income stream that you wouldn’t normally have, giving you more money to do what you want – like pay off debts or go on holiday! You could even replace your normal 9-5 if you do well!

Most articles like this are focused on earnings in the US, so I thought it was about time to share ways to earn money from home, UK edition, since that’s where I live (and that’s where I earn my money!)

Some of these ideas are easier to earn from than others, and some take a while to build up. It’s important to remember there are no ‘get rich quick’ schemes – or at least no legit ‘get rich quick schemes’ out there! Side hustles are all about the long game, chipping away a little bit here and there for a steady payday later on.

These are my top 12 ways of earning from home:

12 Easy Ways to Earn Money From Home

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1. Earn Money with Survey Sites

Swagbucks Screenshot showing amount of Swagbucks you can earn for each opportunity.Easy Ways to Earn Money From Home

Taking surveys usually only offer a small return for your time. I wouldn’t suggest you put hours into it, put if you’ve got five minutes here and there, the rewards add up a little at a time.

I spend a fair amount of time looking into earning from home, and the most I see people making from survey sites is around £200 a month, which is great but I can imagine it would take up a lot of your free time to reach those dizzying heights!

There are a lot of spam sites out there so be careful who you give your details to, my favourite sites are Prolific Academic, Surveyeah!, Swagbucks*, and Get Paid To as they seem to be the most generous with pay and the least intrusive with junk emails.

2. Become a Social Media Manager

the letters spelling dream, a notebook and part of a laptop keyboard with someone typing. Easy Ways to Earn Money From Home

If you’re constantly scrolling through Twitter and Facebook, why not earn some cash doing what you love? Social media managers generally get paid to work a few hours a week, scheduling posts and replying to comments.

Large companies will have someone in-house to do the job, but small, local businesses often employ people to do it on a freelance basis.

I’m seeing more of these jobs advertised on job websites, but they often pop up in my own newsfeed too. If you’re good with people and enjoy chatting on social media, then this job could be perfect for you. Don’t be afraid to pitch local businesses and break down what you can offer and how much it will cost.

My best advice here would be to be realistic with your pricing, and don’t be afraid of rejection!

3. Rent out Your Driveway

This one is very location dependant. It’s also very driveway dependant, so it’s no good if you haven’t got one!

If you live in a residential area close to a lot of businesses and don’t use your driveway during the day, you could rent it out at a rate that’s cheaper than local car parks. Even if you price it at £10 a week, you’ll be getting an extra £40 entirely passively. Score!

4. Offer and Ironing Service

Iron on an ironing board, shirt on ironing boar, turquoise background and highlights on iron. Easy Ways to Earn Money From Home

My sister has five kids and pays someone to iron her laundry, which is shocking enough. What’s more shocking is that the ironing service this lady offers is always busy! This means there is a market for paid ironing people and you can definitely earn from it.

When my kids were little, they would sleep for three hours in the middle of the day – without fail. If I’d have known people pay to have their clothes ironed, I’ve have used this time to earn a little extra cash. It’s much better than a traditional job because it’s flexible and there’s no travel time if you’re doing it in your own home!

5. Sell Unwanted Items

Dress on a hanger, ready to sell. Easy Ways to Earn Money From Home

Thanks to Marie Kondo, everyone has realised they no longer need about 70% of their stuff. Luckily for you, if you decide none of your stuff brings you joy, you can sell it on to someone it will bring joy to.

eBay is a great starting place, but it isn’t the marketplace it once was. If you’ve got something special, then list it with them, otherwise look to selling apps like Depop, Vinted, Mercari, or just simply Facebook marketplace. If you get a taste for selling online, you can always buy things especially to sell once you run out of your own possessions.

6. Matched Betting

You can make £300 a month by matched betting without putting too much effort in, or a lot more if you’ve got the time and inclination.

The basic gist is that you consult a website which advises you how to use the mathematics of bookmakers in your favour. One one side you’ll bet on an outcome happening, and on the other you’ll bet on the same outcome not happening.

I wrote a post on matched betting, that you might like to read.

7. Testing Websites

Fingers typing on a laptop keyboard Easy Ways to Earn Money From Home

What Users Do pays you to record yourself talking about what you think of websites they ask you look at. The beauty of this is, you only need the expertise of a normal web-user. The point of this site is to present other websites to normal people so they can test how user-friendly it is.

You’ll need to use either your computer’s in-built microphone or get a cheap one to plug in so that you can record your thoughts (you’ll speak your thoughts out loud, technology’s not quite there yet). While you’re using the website, What Users Do will use a screen recorder to note how you used it and you’ll also be provided with some instructions to follow. This will take anything from 8 -15 minutes to complete and you’ll earn £5, no matter what.

A fiver probably doesn’t seem like much, but it works out to be quite a nice hourly rate. Assignments tend to come in fits and starts, some months you’ll get more than others, but it’s a great way to earn £5.

8. Use Your Skills to Complete Freelance Tasks

Tattooed arm holding a sketchbook that reads 'Be Creative - Design' Easy Ways to Earn Money From Home

If you’re great at writing, fluent in other languages or have a flair for design, sites like People Per Hour, Freelancer or Upwork have plenty of freelance work for you.

Set up a profile listing your skills, and browse the opportunities to see what you can offer. These websites work by ‘bidding’ for jobs, so it can drive your price down a bit, but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t make a few quid!

9. Blogging

Lady at laptop in a coffee shop Easy Ways to Earn Money From Home

Blogging is a long game, and you really need to have an interest in writing to keep it up; otherwise it can be very boring to keep plugging away with little or no return.

When you blog, you open up several income streams, including; affiliate sales, advertising campaigns, adverts through ad agencies and many more. Most will involve you creating some content, but ad agencies allow you to earn passively by displaying carefully created ads for your audience.

To add some extra character to a blog post by including an infographic. Go to and read a great post about creating engaging Infographics.

Earn Money from Social Media

Closeup of have holdig phone taking a picture for Instagram. Easy Ways to Earn Money From Home

Instagram is where it’s at these days. Some brands whole marketing approach involves using Instagram influencers to get their stuff seen, and you don’t even need that many followers to start earning!

With as little as 3000 followers you can join apps like Tribe, who pay you to post advertorial images on your grid that feature products they want to create hype for.

The more followers you have, the higher fees you can command. Not a bad avenue to pursue if you love the ‘gram.

Receive and Distribute Product Samples

Burt's Bees Natural Gift Set

Talk To Mums aims to get new products out there and find out what people think of them. If you’re the life and soul of the baby group and don’t mind entertaining, then this one’s for you.

Don’t worry though, this isn’t MLM and no selling is involved, it’s all brand awareness campaigns. They want to get the products under the noses of the right people – mums!

Once you sign up you’ll be matched to new products and you’ll get paid to try out and distribute samples of that product. Some of the assignments ask you to host gatherings, so I’d say you do need to be pretty outgoing. It’s not something everyone would enjoy, but it pays pretty well if it’s your kinda thing.

Become a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Other people who work from home often need a hand with admin tasks. I know a lot of bloggers who outsource the social media and organisational aspects of their work to VAs.

If you’re familiar with social media, feel up to learning how to use basic scheduling software and have decent organisational skills, you could definitely work as a VA!

Usually the work hours will be flexible (although they’ll definitely have deadlines) and you don’t need to live anywhere near the person you’re working for, as long as you’re easy to contact!

Why not pin these ideas for later, there’s a lot to remember!

These 12 easy ways to make money from home will give your finances a boost whether you're in work or not. Perfect side hustles for mums that could replace your normal 9-5 plight!

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