The Best Ways to Dig Out a Deal
Money Saving

The Best Ways to Dig Out a Deal – Money Saving Online and In Real Life

You might have guessed by now that I’m big on saving money. I’m not necessarily about living frugally, but I’m always conscious I want the best deal I can get.

It takes quite some skill to sniff out a bargain without letting it being time consuming. For me, money saving has to be convenient, otherwise it’s just not worth it. I’m a busy mum who works from home, the last thing I want to is to lose an hour from shopping around only to eke out a saving of an extra 18p.

These are my best tips for making money saving worthwhile:

The Best Ways to Dig Out a Deal

Memorise the best charity shops

The Best Ways to Dig Out a Deal

I live in a town with a lot of charity shops in it. I think we all know that charity shops eat up a lot of your time. Even if you enjoy a rummage, you can lose hours and come out with nothing good. I’ve cruised my local charity shops quite a lot and now I know which are the best for certain things. One has brand new, shop donated clothes, another has lots of toys in great condition. Taking a mental note of where you can get the best stuff will keep your shopping basket thrifty, but you won’t lose interest during your search.


Give Sello a try

Sello boasts that you never have to pay full price again. Use Sello to find vouchers and new merchants to help save you money. You can really grab some hot deals at Sello!


Check your local Facebook Marketplace

If you’re after something specific like a bike or a child’s swing set, try your local Facebook marketplace for a bargain. Some things for sale are usually in better condition than others, but it’s the first place I look for big ticket items. You’ll probably have to scroll past some rubbish that any normal person would just bin, but there are often some gems lurking amongst the strangeness.


What are your best tips for bargain hunting?


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