Planning a Dream Wedding with a Realistic Budget
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Planning a Dream Wedding with a Realistic Budget

When it comes to weddings on a budget, I’m your girl. I got married just under a year ago and we shared the perfect day with our friends and family without it costing the earth. These are my top tips for having the exact wedding you want without compromising.

Find the dress you want, and buy it off the rack

Planning a Dream Wedding with a Realistic Budget

There is no sense in buying a bespoke wedding dress if you can get one that’s already been made in your size. Buying off the rack and paying for minor adjustments is waaaaaaay cheaper than having something made to order. If you can can get the dress you love at a price that won’t make you faint, the why wouldn’t you? I bought mine from a shop nearby and paid a dressmaker to take it in a few weeks before, and I can assure you, it was perfect!

Book your dream venue – off season!

Booking your wedding during the spring/summer means you’ll pay top dollar for exactly the same building and service that you can get for half the price in the winter! Take your time picking a venue, we looked at lots of places but found it easy to pick when we found the right one. If you’re still searching for a wedding venue, click here.

Don’t buy expensive bridal shoes (unless you had your heart set on some)

Planning a Dream Wedding with a Realistic Budget

I’ll let you into a secret; no one sees yours shoes! Bridal shoes are so expensive and from what I’ve seen, some of them are no better quality than something you’d get in Primark! I wore nude ballet pumps from Next on my wedding day which cost about £20. I saw some almost identical shoes in bridal shop for £80. I think I coul’ve worn trainers for all anyone saw my shoes!

Shop around for flowers

Planning a Dream Wedding with a Realistic Budget

Whether you want silk or fresh, flowers are can be a bit of minefield. I’m the sort of person who doesn’t know the names of flowers, just a vague idea of shape and colour. I would have no idea how much they should cost or if you’re ripping me off. My advice is compare prices to give yourself an idea of what things should be costing. If you want to search for florists, click here.

Don’t go for an open bar

Planning a Dream Wedding with a Realistic Budget

I’ve been to some weddings where there has been generous helping of booze paid for by the happy couple. Although this is a lovely thought and a very kind way to thank your guests for coming, no one expects it. If no one expects it, it’s an expense spared! We paid for a prosecco toast and finger food to go around for immediately after the ceremony, and I think that was enough. I don’t think we looked stingy (I hope)!

Buy the groom’s suit on sale

Suits are pretty samey – once you’ve decided on colour, cut and number of buttons the jacket should have, there really isn’t that much that can differ from there. My husband bought his suit on sale at the end of the summer and saved a fortune! There’s no sense in paying more when you really don’t have to.

What are your money saving tips for weddings? I’d love to read them in the comments!





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