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Paperless Post Review

Paperless Post is a really cool company that designs virtual stationery that you can customise yourself. I was very kindly given some Paperless Post coins so that I could try out their service and review it on the blog.

What is Paperless Post?

Paperless post is a creative website that allows you to make flyers, online cards, and online invitations to send to your friends and family. This means you can send elegantly designed invitations to your family – entirely paperless!

How to use Paperless Post

First of all you need to create an account and load it with coins. Once you’re ready to go, all you need to do is select what type of stationery you need to send and start designing!

I went with a Mother’s Day card because it’s only a couple of days away in the UK where I am.

Paperless Post

I chose a design I really liked from the templates section and made some changed along the way. For example, the background to the card can be edited, I changed mine to stars.

Paperless Post

Inside the card there is a section to change the fonts, layout, colour and message. I kept mine simple.

Paperless Post

You can even choose an envelope colour, finish and lining design. It’s all so customisable!

Paperless Post

Once you’ve chosen the look of the envelop, you can change what the stamp looks like as well as the postal mark.

Paperless Post

Finally, you address the card and send it via email. I only sent one card (for obvious reasons but it looks as though you’d be able to just keep adding recipients and they’re be individually addressed

What did I think of Paperless Post

I loved it! It was really easy to use and there were so many beautiful designs. I could have spent hours swapping and changing my choices, but I think I hit upon the perfect combination for my own mum pretty quickly.

I’d definitely recommend Paperless Post to anyone who is thinking of using the service. The end result was really classy and if everybody used them, I imagine it would be a lot better for the environment!

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