Refresh your Wardrobe on a Budget

Refresh your Wardrobe on a Budget

The summer holidays are almost upon us and our money is usually spoken for. Entertaining the kids can quickly use up any spending money, and make you feel guilty spending it on yourself. A brand new wardrobe can seem out of the question. Fear not! I’m about to share some fab tips to help you […]

save money and get healthy

Save Money and get Healthy

I love saving money, and if any of my money saving endeavours have added bonuses, I love it even more! You can’t beat the feeling of extra pounds in your pocket and a spring in your step. After all, what’s the point of having a healthy bank account if you don’t have a healthy body […]

healthy and frugal

Is it Possible to be Healthy and Frugal?

Cheap food in the press is always portrayed as bad. Turkey twizzlers, onion ring, chips and cakes. If you’ve ever been to those bargain frozen food shops, you’ll probably have spotted that there’s some truth in this portrayal. It seems almost impossible to be both healthy and frugal. To get a lot of food for […]

Good habits for saving money

Good Habits for Saving Money

I know that lots of people find it hard to save money. I know that for some, it’s not always possible to put money aside. Whatever your situation, you’ll still benefit from observing this list of good habits for saving money that I’ve put together. Having a rainy day fund is important, take it from […]

How I Make Money With Oddsmonkey

How I Make Money With Oddsmonkey

I’ve talked about Oddsmonkey before, and I know it can be really difficult to understand how matched betting works without having any visual aids. I don’t often see the people explaining it showing their audience exactly what it is that they do. This is part of the reason it took me so long to figure […]