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How Community Spirit Can save you Money

“Neighbours, everyone body needs good neighbours..” as the theme song goes, and this leads me quite nicely into a fabulous story that was recently in the newspapers about the always charming Jason Donovan – remember him as a teenager, people? Swoon, central! Well, for an even better image,  imagine him running to your aid in just his underpants as he recently did for his neighbour across the street whose house was on fire. 

Can you imagine Jason Donovan running towards you and your burning house, with a fire extinguisher in.just. his. pants? The image alone is making me cackle to myself…and yes, still a rather swoon worthy. 

Moving quickly forward this raises several good points

  • Always have a fire extinguisher in your house, as you never know when you will need it #safetyfirst 
  • Having good relationships with your neighbours can positively impact your life and potentially your pocket. Get. In. 

Community Chest

A recent survey commissioned by giffgaff, backs this penny saving up with some very interesting stats. Over 2000 members of the great British public being surveyed it was revealed that 26 percent are lucky enough to live next to a the “Kind Heart” who is always there in a crisis, and 17 percent are lucky enough to have a “DIY Expert” on hand to help with any tasks. Which we think you can agree will be very effective should you ever need a hand with fixing a fence or getting a shelf up, It’s much more cost effective when you can someone with a future favour and a cup of tea. 

Even more cost effectively is that that more than a quarter (26 percent) surveyed  even have a neighbour’s spare set of keys in case of emergencies. That is a saving of up to hundreds of pounds should the very worst happen. 

In fact, three quarters of Brits claim they could definitely rely on their neighbours in a crisis – which as we all know usually happen at the worst times in our lives. Having someone nearby to support and help can do not help our morale but allow us to not have to spend extra money on accommodation, or even a warm beverage as we wait for help to arrive. It doesn’t even have to be a huge emergency, just huge to you for example – your washing breaking right before a big holiday or your internet deciding not to work the evening before a big project -knowing someone can support you on your street can have immeasurable value.

giffgaff commissioned the survey to break the myth that we live in  “urban solitude” and to celebrate modern neighbourhood relationships that bring communities together. 

Neighbourhood Watch 

It Isn’t all cost effective neighbouring thou as 16 percent claim their neighbour is a “Borrower” – one who takes but never remembers to give items them back. We certainly know a few of these! 


  1. The Unsociable One (won’t even say hello) 40%
  2. The Gossip  (loves a chat about the comings and goings on the street) 36%
  3. The Curtain Twitcher (a touch nosey – knows what’s going on) 32%
  4. The Kind Heart (always there in a crisis) 26%
  5. The Old Sage (wise older neighbour) 26%
  6. The Party Animal (likes a party – some of which go on all night) 20%
  7. The DIY expert (a handy man/woman to have around) 17%
  8. The Borrower (happy to ask for a cup of sugar or tools) 1 6%
  9. The Nitpicker (will ensure standards are kept up) 15%
  10. Mr and Mrs Perfect 14%
  11. The Free Spirit (maybe a bit of a hippy) 13%
  12. The Exhibitionist (never draws the curtains) 10%
  13. The Community royal  (organises community events) 10%
  14. The digital native (Locked to a laptop or walks around glued to a screen) 9%

If you’re curious about what type of neighbour you are and who your perfect neighbour match would be, why not take the “what type of Neighbour are you quiz?”  and make sure to let us know below what type you are, you never know we may be a perfect match. I did it myself and I came up as the sociable one – naturally, darling! 

Or you can continue the conversation on our social channels. 

And what about Jason and the neighbourhood fire? 

The fire was under control by 0428. When asked if they would give Mr Donovan a commendation, Thomas quipped:

“As one of the firefighters said to the resident, ‘everyone needs good neighbours’”.

We couldn’t agree more.

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