MIRISUN Smart watch review

I Tried a Budget Smart Watch that Pairs with My iPhone


It’s okay to admit to loving Apple products but not always being able to afford them. I adore my iPhone 12, but there’s no chance I can justify getting an Apple Watch, not with all the financial responsibilities that come with a young family.

I don’t want to miss out on having a smart watch though. One of the main draws is that I can finally prove to my husband how little sleep I get and how many steps I do just from running around the house after the kids!

As someone who loves a bargain and can’t help but look for ways to save money, I had to try a budget smart watch that connects to my iPhone and report back to my lovely readers!

MIRISUN Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

MIRISUN Smart Watch

The smart watch looks really sleek. It’s well made, easy to use and doesn’t look cheap. In fact, it’s a really nice watch that’s incredibly classy and does everything you’d want a smart watch to do.

Pairing the watch with my iPhone was very easy. The instructions include a QR code which takes you to an app to download on your phone to use with the smart watch. Once you’ve set up the app, you are able to pair your phone with the watch using Bluetooth. From there you can choose whether you’d like the watch to display your phone’s notifications. Currently I have opted not to, but I can change that at any time.

What does the smart watch do?

MIRISUN Smart watch

As mentioned above, the watch does pretty much everything you’d expect or want a smart watch to do. It can receive and show you notifications from your phone. It also works as a fitness tracker measuring blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, daily steps, daily sleep, activities, and more.

It has a waterproof casing and is quick to charge – holding on to its charge for a long time. I’ve been wearing it three days straight and the battery has barely gone down.

One function I especially like is that it has a breathing setting. This tells you how long to breathe in and out for for eight reps. I found this can calm me down and de-stress me by forcing me to pay attention to my breathing. I always feel better after I’ve stopped and used the breathing exercise.

I would say the watch is unisex – I chose a black band. Other bands are available and although I haven’t tried it yet, I assume straps designed for Apple watched would be a good fit too, if you wanted a change

Overall View of the MIRISUN Smart Watch

Overall I think this is a great budget watch. I was surprised by how slick it is and the amount of functions it is able to provide. It performs well, is easy to link to your phone and has an incredible battery life. All round a great buy if you want a fitness tracker and smart watch that won’t break the bank.