Winter is a difficult time. It can be hard to remember to take care of yourself in the run up to Christmas, and difficult to justify spending money on yourself. That’s why you need to try and win these lovely, snuggly mittens!

They are handmade by me, I normally sell mittens for £15.00 per pair so the lucky winner will have toasty hands and an extra £15.00 in their pocket!

This site (and the sister site) have been a bit neglected due to family illness, a house move and some pretty important deadlines. This post is to tell you about the giveaway, thank you for bearing with me and telling you about what’s to come.

You can expect regular updates of money saving hauls, more giveaways and some very practical financial advice for single parents. Would you like to see more advice in specific areas?

Perhaps you wonder which budget make up brands I rate? Or how I managed financially when I was a single mother? Or even how to start earning a wage from blogging to boost your income? Leave me a comment and I’ll plan a post just for you!

Now for the fun part:


All about the giveaway

  1. The giveaway is only open to residents of the UK and Ireland (for postal reasons)
  2. Once the winner has been informed, they will have 28 days to claim their prize.
  3. The competition is open to those over the age of 18.
  4. The mittens are in a medium ladies size and now variations are available.
  5. There is no option to trade in your prize fore a cash alternative.
  6. Refer to the Rafflecopter widget for giveaway end date.


If you get a minute I’d love to know what other sorts of giveaways you would like to see on this blog. More unique handmade? Maybe voucher or accessories? Tell me, and I’ll try to accommodate your every desire (within reason).



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4 comments on “*WIN* Handmade Mittens this Winter

  1. Hi there

    interesting comp idea. Do you have much success selling hand made mittens? its a cool item to have but id suspect there aren’t too many people going out of their way to find them on the net. Unless they have some unique selling point attached to them?

  2. I think these are wonderful. I’m a very very basic knitter and crocheter and would love to learn to do things like this. I think hand made gifts are gorgeous and definitely the best giveaway prize.

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