Use Your New Year's Resolutions to Make Some Cash!
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Use Your New Year’s Resolutions to Make Some Cash!

The middle of January is the make or break time for new year’s resolutions. By now you’re either well into whatever you’ve pledged or well tucked up on the sofa. Either way, you need to know how the most common resolutions people make can earn you money!

This post is for those of you still going strong (or the late starters) and should hopefully give you the motivation to keep doing just that!

#1 Weight Loss

Use Your New Year's Resolutions to Make Some Cash!

This is the nation’s number one resolution every year. It’s the reason Tesco has sold out of kale on January 2nd and your local Weight Watchers meeting is queuing round the block.

If you manage to succeed in your aim and keep the weight loss up, soon the clothes that you have been wearing will be too big. The worst thing you can do for both your waist and your wallet is keep them ‘just in case’.

Just in case gives you permission to gain the weight again, but it also fills unnecessary room in your wardrobe. It’s time to sell those clothes!

Ebay is most people’s first thoughts, but honestly, why bother? Unless you have something really special that people will compete for (if you do, then Ebay is definitely the place for you) then you need to be avoiding and fees being skimmed off the top.

Facebook selling groups are the best place to sell lower value items or clothing bundles. Search for local groups first and offer to drop the clothes off so that you don’t have strangers coming to your house.

If you’ve been wearing plus-size clothes, look for plus size groups, it’s best to narrow down your market to minimise your effort. The same goes for if you’re petite or especially tall. There will be groups dedicated to selling clothes outside the realms of ‘average size’.

The best part about this is, you can spend money on lovely new clothes without feeling guilty! Win-win!

#2 Exercise

Use Your New Year's Resolutions to Make Some Cash!

This resolution goes hand-in-hand with weight loss. Most people use exercise to accompany a healthy  diet in order to lose weight.

I’ve seen that a lot of Fitbits (and various other fitness trackers) have been delivered by Santa this Christmas. If you have anything that tracks your steps you can get paid to exercise!

Bounts pairs up with your device and allocates points based on how much exercise you do. If you don’t have a tracker you can still earn points by downloading the app. You can earn 20 points per activity and a maximum of 180 points per day.

It’s a free service that incentivises your exercise and pays you in vouchers, sports goods and exclusive experiences.

If you join and use my referral code, we both get 100 points! Here’s the Bounts link and my code is  chamberlain98193.

Happy exercising!

#3 De-cluttering

Use Your New Year's Resolutions to Make Some Cash!

You’ve heard that phrase one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? Well it’s so true! It’s the reason I leave curio shops with armfuls of tat.

If you have a plan to de-clutter this year, don’t throw anything away! If you have a large amount of jumble and can be bothered to put the time in, you can really clean up at a car boot sale. If you can’t be bothered to bothered to man it yourself, people who enjoy that sort thing will buy your haul if you list it as a ‘job lot’.

If you have any unwanted gold, don’t be tempted by those ‘cash-4-gold’ shops. Get some quotes and check similar items online. If it’s an item over 20 years old you can list it on Etsy.

Remember if you’re listing breakables on Ebay or Etsy you will need to do your research on postage and packaging. Factor in bubble wrap and the cos of an insured postage service.

#4 Take Control of Your Finances

Use Your New Year's Resolutions to Make Some Cash!

After the Christmas overspend, a taking control of your finances is a common resolution. Shopping around for better deals on credit cards and higher interest on savings is always advisable.

January is the month that the banks try and woo you with attractive rewards for changing your current account. The reason they do this is because it’s seen as a real pain in the neck to change where you keep your money.

Firstly, it’s really not as hard as you might think. Secondly, it’s infinitely worth it because some banks will pay you in vouchers or in some cases, cold, hard cash.

Shop around for the best deals and act fast once you’ve chosen!

#5 Save Money on Utilities

Use Your New Year's Resolutions to Make Some Cash!

January is cold and dark, which can quickly translate to ‘costly’ when you’ve got your heating on all day and your lights on for most of it too.

Most people are very conscious of their finances after Christmas (see resolution #4) and start to be more mindful of wasting energy, but that alone won’t necessarily maximise your savings.

Energy companies, like banks,frequently offer up rewards for moving, and again it can be in the form of cashback or vouchers.

One way of doing even better out of the switch is signing up for Top Cashback and going through their link to receive cashback for joining your new utilities company. You could earn around £70 from using Top Cashback alone to move your account.


What are your resolutions for this year? Tell me below and maybe I can help you make money from them too!


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14 thoughts on “Use Your New Year’s Resolutions to Make Some Cash!”

  1. Some fab ideas here!! Weight loss and de-cluttering are definitely top of my list for the year! And I had planned to keep my ‘fat’ clothes, but you’ve made me think now…! We are going to be replacing and getting rid of some furniture and other bits too-some of which can still be used by others, so I will have to look at your ideas again, for the best way to get rid of those kind of items!
    Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

  2. These are great. I have so much baby junk I need to start selling. I will hunt down some local Facebook groups as they’re all items that are too bulky for eBay! Thanks for sharing at #familyfun

  3. Great idea. Resolutions would be so much easier to keep if we could monetise them. I now need to figure out how to monetise mindfulness…hmmm. Thanks #RV&HT

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