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Unisex Accessories to Update Your Tween’s Bedroom

When it comes to bedrooms, tweens are hard to decorate for because they’re not far from their teen years, but they are still children. As a parent you want the decor to last, but you don’t want it to be so grown up that it won’t appeal to them for the next few years until they grow into it.

I think the best way to tackle this is to go for neutral tones on walls and carpets, then give the bedroom a bit of personality with some fun accessories.

I’ve tried to pick a mostly unisex range for the children’s bedrooms, but as I have a daughter, I may have been swayed slightly towards some slightly more feminine items.

Hartleys 4 Tier White Cube Unit

Unisex Accessories to Update Your Tween's Bedroom

This caught my eye because it’s so versatile! Not only is white the most neutral of colours, you can choose the colour storage boxes that accompany it. Whether you stick with stylish monochrome, or add a pop of colour; you can match or contrast any bedroom theme.

Hartleys 4 tier white cube unit available from Amazon for £22.95

Felt Ball Rug

Unisex Accessories to Update Your Tween's Bedroom

This fun felt ball rug is perfect to update your child’s room but still keep a fun and playful vibe. It looks like it would feel amazing on bare feet. If the room is big enough, you could create a small reading space by adding a beanbag to the mix.

Felt ball rug from £18.42

Giant Bean Bag

Doesn’t this little girl look happy? My daughter has one of these and she loves it. It looks so comfy! I want one  for me but the adult size takes up so much more room. Pop this on the rug above and create a cool little reading space for child to find their love for books.

Giant bean bag from £19.95

Fox Cushion Cover

Unisex Accessories to Update Your Tween's BedroomI love this, it’s so cute! It can serve as a statement cushion if you wanted to keep the bedding plain. It’s multicolour foxes will complement almost any colour scheme. I think the foxes are a grown-up kind of cartoon, but just cartoonish enough to appeal to youngsters.

Fox cushion cover £10.00

Floating Wall Shelf

Unisex Accessories to Update Your Tween's Bedroom

A floating wall shelf is a super-easy way to add a bit more storage to a room. It can also be a great way to add a bit of personality to display ornaments and trinkets without cluttering things at ground level.

Floating wall shelf from £9.49

Be a Pineapple Print

Unisex Accessories to Update Your Tween's Bedroom

I love this! I think cool prints like this can really add an air of maturity to your child’s room. They can choose the sort of message they want and it doesn’t cost a bomb to to buy! You might as well decorate your shelf if you decide to go with one!

Be a Pineapple print from £3.00

Mason Jar with Wire Fairy Lights

Unisex Accessories to Update Your Tween's Bedroom

Here’s another item for your shelf. I can’t get enough of mason jars or fairy lights so combining the two is style overload in my eyes! I like that this can be a type of grown-up night light. It sheds a small amount of light that won’t disturb anyone’s sleep but stops the room from being pitch-black.

Mason jar filled with fair lights from £8.99

Fox Knitted Blanket

Unisex Accessories to Update Your Tween's Bedroom

This is my favourite item on the list. It’s so cute! I love the colours, I love the pattern. It’s just gorgeous and I want one! You might have guessed that we like fox accessories in our house!

I think if I were to have a splurge, all of these items they would all go together nicely. Buying choice pieces here and there would work too. I might slowly build up my collections over time, so that my daughter’s bedroom evolves into an older child’s room without having to replace everything at once. What do you think?

For more interior inspiration, there’s a whole section on this site!

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Unisex Accessories to Update Your Tween's Bedroom

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