save money and get healthy
Money Saving

Save Money and get Healthy

I love saving money, and if any of my money saving endeavours have added bonuses, I love it even more! You can’t beat the feeling of extra pounds in your pocket and a spring in your step. After all, what’s the point of having a healthy bank account if you don’t have a healthy body to enjoy it with.

You need these fab tips to help keep your spending low and your spirits high!

Buy Loose

save money and get healthy

Everyone knows the nicely presented food in a packet costs more than the ugly legumes on the display. When you stop to think about it, isn’t everything in a packet much more expensive? Sandwiches, ready meals, quiches from the deli counter; they’re all time savers but they quickly bleed your pockets dry. Spend a week planning what you’ll eat and what ingredients you’ll need, then go to the supermarket and aim to avoid anything that has been prepared for you.

I guarantee it’ll cost you less and you’ll get more if you assemble your food yourself. I suggests that you commit to it for a week and see how you get on. You’ll probably feel a lot better and save at least 20% on your shopping bill.

Money considerations aside, pre-packed meals are full of salt, sugar and hidden fats. Making from scratch is much better for you. Your liver and kidneys will thank you.

Potential monthly saving £48

(based on a normal weekly shop of £60/week)

Ditch the cigarettes

save money and get healthy

We’ve all heard how harmful cigarettes can be to our bodies, but it’s very well publicised just how hard it is to quit cold turkey. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you do that.

Loads of my friends have gone down the e-cigarette route. In fact, every one of my friends who has quit smoking has first switched to e-cigarettes before stopping completely.

They’re not only cheaper to use than regular cigarettes, they have the added bonus of not filling your lungs with nasty tar. They’re also kind of fancy because you have a big choice of flavours. Fabulous!

Potential monthly saving £115

(based on someone who smokes 10 cigarettes per day)

Switch to water

save money and get healthy

Fizzy drinks and fancy coffees can seem like a cheap enough treat, but when you add up what you spend on them over the course of a month it’s a real eye-opener! Even two coffees a week for a month can add up to around £20!

Bought drinks also tend to be loaded with sugar and caffeine, which can leave you feeling tired and in a sugar slump after the initial peppy effects wear off. These drinks can also affect your dental health too; even sugar-free drinks can erode tooth enamel if they’re carbonated.

Tap water is free and probably the most efficient way to hydrate your body. Drinking lots of water can also do wonders for your skin. If saving money doesn’t give you a glow, drinking water will!

Potential monthly saving £20

Put on your walking boots

save money and get healthy

Running a car can be costly. Even using public transport regularly can soon eat away at the contents of your wallet.

Walking to your desired destination is free and can improve your health. The government recommends you aim to walk 10,000 steps each day. Realistically, who can say they actually do this? I bought a pedometer once and was shocked by how little I walked (and back then I was in a job where I was on my feet all day).

It’s probably not realistic to expect to walk everywhere. Time constraints and weather conditions won’t always help you keep your plans, but if you can aim to walk as much as possible, you’ll soon notice you’re feeling fitter (and strong enough to carry all that extra money around).

Potential monthly saving £40

(based on halving the number of car journeys taken by someone who normally spend £20 a week on petrol)

Implementing all of my suggestions could save you a whopping £223 – are you ready for the challenge?

More money saving tips here.

save money and get healthy

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