Refresh your wardrobe on a budget
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Refresh your Wardrobe on a Budget

The summer holidays are almost upon us and our money is usually spoken for. Entertaining the kids can quickly use up any spending money, and make you feel guilty spending it on yourself. A brand new wardrobe can seem out of the question. Fear not! I’m about to share some fab tips to help you refresh your wardrobe on a budget!

Start from the bottom

Refresh your Wardrobe on a Budget

Shoes tend to take an absolute hammering when you’re a mum. I’ve been known to schlep around in some very threadbare abominations in my time. New shoes (especially brightly coloured, or particularly fancy ones) can really brighten up an outfit and give it a completely different look. Don’t spend a fortune, browse a shoe sale to grab a bargain.

Make do and mend

If your favourite jeans are frayed at the bottom cut the bottom off and make shorts! If your T-shirt has a hole in it, patch it up with something funky. Pinterest has a wealth of tutorials for patching your clothes. You could even dye something that has fading colours to bring it back to its original glory, or give it a new look altogether.


Refresh your Wardrobe on a Budget

It’s one thing repairing something that needs mending, but if you’re handy with the sewing machine, you can modify something that doesn’t. Again, Pinterest is the best place for inspiration. Something as simple as adding darts to a tunic top to change the fit can make it look like a new garment. If you’re brave, you could even cut a dress up and create two items you can mix and match. All that you’ll spend is your time!

Borrow and swap

If you have a partner who doesn’t mind sharing, you can nip in and steal his clothes. My fiance has loads of funky Hawaiin shirts which I have been known to don. If this isn’t an option for you, see if any of your friends want to do a clothes swap. The more you get involved, the more choice you’ll have. Ask friends to put forward clothes they no longer want and in return yourself or another friend should swap. This way, no money is spent but the contents of your wardrobe is refreshed!

Refresh your Wardrobe on a Budget

Do you have any fabulous tips to refresh your wardrobe on a budget? If so, I’d love to know in the comments.

Refresh your Wardrobe on a Budget




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