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Our Financial Fresh Start

I got married last week, so it seemed as good a time as any for a financial fresh start. I mean, I got a new name, why not have a bit of a life overhaul too?

We’ve always been guilty of not having a rainy day fund, which has proven to be quite a pain in the past. We were also reminded of how much of a pain this was just before the wedding when my husband’s car was crashed into from the back. Obviously this isn’t his fault so we should receive some money from a claim, but we’ve been messed about, and faced a lot of uncertainty.

Despite the expected payout, we’ll probably still have to get a loan to get something we’d be happy to drive the kids around in. To add insult to injury, my engine warning light came one today, so that’s another unexpected expense.

So I’ve vowed to make a change.

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There’s no reason to wait until the new year to make a resolution (especially when it comes to money). So I’m in the middle of making a plan.

We normally live quite closely to what we earn, with very little opportunity to put savings aside. I imagine this situation is familiar to many, but we have to remember that ‘little’ isn’t ‘zero’. Even that small amount we can get our hands on will soon add up.

Until we’ve sorted both cars I can’t pick a realistic figure to pledge to a savings account, but I will say I’d like to finish the year with an emergency £100 on hand.

I’ve also considered getting back into matched betting, I was doing really well with it before, but when you’re time-poor it can seem like a time consuming pain in the bum (it’s not).

Realistically, I believe I could probably save £3000 next year if I was to restart matched betting after Christmas once my uni deadlines were done. That’s a lot of money, and if I could do that every year for the next five or six years, that could make a nice deposit for a house. As it stands now, we feel like there’s no way we’ll get onto the property ladder, which is pretty gutting really.

I’ll give more specific details once I’ve got a more solid plan in place, but I really wanted to pledge a change. It’s harder to hide when you’ve said it and it’s out there. So keep an eye out for my saving plan, perhaps it’s even one you could do too?

I’ll keep you posted!

Also, if you wanted to see my wedding, I wrote about it on my lifestyle blog and there’s lots of pictures too.

10 thoughts on “Our Financial Fresh Start”

    1. Thank you! It would be so amazing if we could get even half of that saving but, I’m setting £3k as a goal because I feel like if I try really hard, it’s definitely achievable and I’d love to own a property one day x

  1. Congratulations on your wedding! We too live very closely to my partners wage and it is a worry that if anything major happens (like your car misfortune!) we would struggle. As someone who struggled with debt when i first turned 20, i refuse to take out any form of credit now as its taken me 10 years to sort my life out! Its so difficult as you constantly feel like you cant afford to do things and every month there is something ‘extra’ to pay for!


  2. I’m in the same boat Hun you live to your means and it’s only when things happen we think bugger what do we do. I started matched betting but after the general offers all the advanced and accumulators really confused me but would love to try again in new year too, maybe start a group #RVHT

    1. It definitely worth doing, I’m going to start in Jan when my student loan comes in. It’s the world cup in the summer so there’ll be loads of offers on then and you’ll be able to make lots! x

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