December Beauty Bargains

Since I’m a make-up addict, I tend to buy beauty products all the time, which really racks up my spending. I try to pull back where I can, but I hate to compromise on quality. This means I have to look out for good quality products in budget ranges as well as bargain prices for the mid-range products that I often use.

This month I took a visit to my local Poundland where I stumbled upon some real treasures!

First of all, you need to start and end every day with cleansed pure skin. I’ve been loving Micellar water for a little while because it’s so gentle on my combination skin but strong enough to take off my eye make-up. I normally pay about £4.99 for it so I was genuinely thrilled to spot it for £1!

While we’re on skincare, I also found a pretty sweet sheet mask. I put it on while I was writing an economics paper, it helped keep me feeling fresh. The quality of the solution was fine, it smelled nice too but the fit was a little off. For £1 it was better than I expected.

I’m a sucker for metallic browns so when this little palette by NYC caught my eye, I just had to have it! Admittedly, it’s already a budget brand but, it usually retails for between £3-£4 so I’m still onto a winner when buying it for £1. It’s not highly pigmented but it is great for a light dusting to add a bit of subtle colour and shimmer.

Did I mention I love glitter? I once had to stop wearing contact lenses for a week because of a glitter-related injury! This eyeliner has nice tiny pieces though and I assume it probably poses no risk to my eye health. Yep, also £1!

Nail brushes really excite me. I’m obsessed with those viral videos on Facebook that show nail art tutorials. I’ve never wanted to spend much on a set because I’m worried I’ll be rubbish and not use them or the nail varnish will ruin then after a couple of uses. For £1 I think it’s worth the risk and the packaging looks pretty classy for the price.

While we’re on nail polish, I also managed to snag a Barry M polish with large glitter pieces and a duo by NYC which contained a light base with sparkly top coat. Delish!

Lips are in right now. I remember the early 00’s when everyone concealed their lips (and had terrible eyebrows). Thank god those days have passed because big and bold is back in. Another NYC find, it goes on nicely and leave a faint stain once it’s rubbed off so leaves your lips with some colour.

I consider gloss to be an unsung hero. I know it’s all about the matte these days but gloss is a saviour for taking making a look slightly more dressed up. Also, use it sparingly, it can help you pull off the natural look and you can bluff that you always look this good.

Where do you like to shop for bargains?

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